Microsoft has released the Power BI solution template for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA). 

The template includes sets of pre-built reports for a professional service organization's practice manager, resource manager and account manager, and includes analytical content for financial KPIs like revenue, cost and margin, according to Microsoft Senior Program Manager John Burrows. 

The template is designed to help users quickly create customizable reports on an "extensible, scalable, and secure architecture" to meet their specific business needs instead of starting from scratch, wrote Burrows, adding that everything is freely available on GitHub. The pre-built reports can also be used as-is for dashboards.

Like the Dynamics 365 Sales Management template, the Project Service Automation template uses the Dynamics 365 Data Export Service, which is a free add-on, to replicate Dynamics 365 data to a Microsoft Azure SQL Database store in a customer-owned Azure subscription.

"The template can be provisioned by a Dynamics 365 administrator in just a few minutes,"     "Once you're done, all changes in your Dynamics 365 records are automatically updated in the Azure SQL database and available to your Power BI reports."